On February 8, 2001, a group of career diplomats, experts and journalists on international relations in Tirana gathered to establish the Albanian Diplomatic Academy. It was the first time in the history of Albania. About three centuries ago, Pope Clement XI, Giovanni Albani, a famous pope of Albanian origin, erected the first “Pontificia Accademia Ecclesiastica” in the Vatican. At that time, Pope Clement’s birthplace, Albania, was occupied by the Ottomans. The Albanian Diplomatic Academy that we have recently established is honored to preserve and develop the heritage of “Pontificia Accademia Ecclesiastica”, enriched with the national and European tradition of modern Albanian diplomacy.




The Albanian Diplomatic Academy has been focused from the beginning on three priorities: research, publications and training projects. In the field of research, our goal has been focused on national, regional, European and globalist issues. Mainly issues related to Albania’s integration into the European Union, the Balkan crises and the European perspective of the Balkans, the final settlement of Kosovo, regional relations, EU laws and institutions, the role and contribution of the United States to the new world etc. In the field of publications, ADSH has published three volumes of “History of Albanian Diplomacy” and other publications on the history of diplomacy, economic diplomacy, public diplomacy, international law and international organizations, the identity and image of nations in the world, etc.

The programs, lecturers, level of training and diplomas are in coordination with the International Forum for Diplomatic Training, the academic forum in which the Albanian Diplomatic Academy has been admitted since 2002. The Albanian Diplomatic Academy also offers distance learning, including information technology. .

For the development of its academic level, ADSH has established a close cooperation with diplomatic academies from all over the world, with various universities in Albania, the Region and beyond, which aim to develop the field of international relations and international law. , with specialized institutes and well-known non-governmental organizations. This international partnership has brought a very positive impact on the modernization and development of the standards of our academy.