Lisen Bashkurti

Lisen Bashkurti

President of the Albanian Diplomatic Academy.

President of the Albanian Diplomatic Academy.

He was born in the city of Shkodra in 1957.

In 1980 he finished his studies at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. In the years 1984-1985 he completed his university studies for the degree of Candidate of Sciences. From 1987 to 1992, he was fully involved in the political life of the country. In early 1992 he specialized with the first group of ambassadors, where a group of professors from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs taught.

Lisen Bashkurti has been a Doctor of Science since 1992 and has the academic title of Associate Professor since 2008. He also holds the diplomatic rank of “Adviser Minister” since 2002.

Lisen Bashkurti is the author of 22 scientific books that are:

• “Albanians in the Flow of Diplomacy”, Tirana, Albania;
• “Albanian Diplomacy in the Beginning of the Cold War”, Tirana, Albania;
• “Diplomacy of Self-Isolation”, Tirana, Albania;
• ”Albanian Diplomacy between the Past and the Future”, Tirana, Albania;
• “Identity, Image, Diplomacy”, Tirana, Albania;
• Political Dynamic within the Balkan Countries, Chicago, USA 7;
• ”Identity, Image, Diplomacy”, Skopje, Macedonia;
• ”National and European Identity of Albanians”, Tirana, Albania;
• “Albanian Diplomacy”, Volume I, Tirana, Albania;
• “Albanian Diplomacy”, Volume II, Tirana;
• “Albanian Diplomacy”, Volume III, Tirana, Albania;
• “Europe, the Balkans and the Kosovo Challenge”, Tirana, Albania;
• “International Law and International Organizations”, Tirana, Albania;
• “Negotiations – History, Theory, Practice;
• “International Crises, Tirana, Albania”;
• International Organizations, Albania;
• “Multilateral Diplomacy and International Organizations”, Macedonia;
• “Chameria – The road to a solution”, Albania, 2012;
• “Concert and Funeral-Albanians, the Balkans and the Great Powers”, Tirana, 2013;
• “Xenophobia-Walls of Hate”, Tirana, 2014;
• “Diplomacy-Theoretical Basis” Tirana, 2015;
• “Crumbled Bridges of the Balkans”, Published in USA, October, 2016

Lisen Bashkurti has also published over 650 articles, studies and essays in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Finland, the United States of America, the European Union, South Korea.

Lisen Bashkurti is a member of the following academic, diplomatic and publishing institutions: Member of International Forum on Diplomatic Training; Member of The Albanian Diplomatic Academy; Chairman of the Publishing Board of the DIPLOMACY Magazine; Member of the Steering Board of the Albanian World Federation; Member of Publishing Board of Logistic Magazine of the Ministry of Defense; Member of American British Association, Tirana, Albania; Chairman of the Board of International Foundation “Plan International” – Member of Steering Committee of Albanian-Jewish Association- Kosovo; Member of Certified Commercial Diplomats, London, England; Founding Member of the Foundation Illyricum Sacrum-FIS, Tirana, Albania; Head of Editing Board of Global Challenge Magazine, Tirana Albania.

Lisen Bashkurti has been honored with many awards and titles such as:

• “Gold Medal” for Article “On Albanian – American Friendship”;
• “Four Silver Medals” from “Duna-Holding-Hungary” for contribution as the Ambassador of Albania in Hungary;
• 1992-93 – Included in the Oxford Dictionary Year 2007;
«For Contribution in the research in international relations and diplomacy« Who is Who »;

• “Excellence Award-2007”, International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.

Lisen Bashkurti has been nominated internationally several times as: “International Professional of the Year 2007” from IBC, Cambridge, England; Awarded: “Man of the Year Representing Albania- 2009” -ABI, USA; Awarded: “Order of International Ambassador”, ABI, 2012. Lisen Bashkurti has participated in international missions as follows: December, 2004 -STO of OSCE / ODIHR, in the general election in Ukraine; May, 2006 -STO of OSCE / ODIHR, in Referendum for Independence, in Montenegro; September, 2006 -STO of OCSE / ODIHR, in general election in Montenegro.

Lisen Bashkurti teaches mainly in the following fields: Politics and History of the Balkans; Introduction to Comparative Politics; Government, Politics and Public Policy in Albania; Theories of International Relations; Conflict Resolution and Diplomatic Language Political Geography Comparative Political Studies on The Balkan Countries ’Democratization Process in The Balkan Countries; Negotiation-History, theory and practices. He has lectured in the following academic, educational and treatment institutions in Albania, the Balkans, Europe and Asia: Albanian Diplomatic Academy; High College for Security Affaires of Albania; College of Europe-Brudge, Belgium; Croatian Diplomatic Academy of MFA-Zagreb; South Eastern European University in Macedonia; Royal University Iliria, Kosovo; FON University, Skopje, Macedonia; International University of Struga, Macedonia; EMUNI University- Slovenia; International University of Tirana; Sun Moon University, South Korea; Iliria University of Kosovo; Center of Doctrines of the Republic of Kosovo; European University of Tirana; Epoka University-Albania.

Lisen Bashkurti has also held academic functions as Rector of Iliria University, Kosovo; Rector of the International University of Struga; Rector of the International University of Tirana; Dean of the Mediterranean University of Albania; Vice Rector of Iliria University College, Kosovo; Dean at Epoka University, Albania; Global Vice President of Sun Moon University, South Korea.