Astrit Memia

Astrit Memia

Prof. Assoc. Dr.

Professor, founder of the Image and Media Forum.

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Astrit Memia is a graduate of Albanian Language and Literature, at the University “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkodra (1985-1989). In 2005-2009, at the University of Tirana, he graduated from the Faculty of Law. Regional College for Studies in the Field of Defense and Security, at the Defense Academy, Tirana- (2007). Teacher of French Language at the School “Ali Iber Neza”, in Tropoja (1983-1985) and literature (1989-1992) He was a journalist of Politics, Diplomacy and Tourism for the Albanian World, on the Foreign Radio of RTVSh (1992- 1998). Journalist in the Press Office of the Democratic Party of Albania (1998-2020), as well as Director of Mass Media in the electoral campaigns of the Democratic Party. He completed his doctoral studies in 2003-2006, where he obtained the scientific title of Doctor of Political Science and Diplomacy, at the University of Leipnitz, USA (Topic: “Ecological crisis and human nature”) Milan, Italy. Has completed 1 (one) year training of the Ministry of Finance, in Tirana- and has won the title “Internal Auditor in the Public Sector” (2011-2012) In 2010 he received the academic title “Docent” (Dr), at the University Struga International – Northern Macedonia. Lecturer at the International University of Struga-Northern Macedonia (2008-2012), as well as at the International University of Prizren, Kosovo (2010-2012). Lecturer at the State University of Tetova – Northern Macedonia (2012-2020). Academic title “Associate Professor” (Dr), in 2017 at the “Euro-Balkan” University in Skopje.

Books: “Man and Nature in Globalism”, 2012. ”

Albanian Hospitality and the Age of Globalism ”, 2018

Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Language Magazine “DIPLOMACIA” (2001-2004) Producer and creator of the International Festival “Albanian Image” (2006-2020) Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine “Albania Image”. Publication of the Image & Media Forum. (2006- 20120). Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the periodical Magazine “Albanian Image” (2007-2020). Inventor, co-organizer and lobbyist of the Adriatic-Alpine Corridor. Member of the Editorial Board of several International Journals.

Journalist of the Kosovo War (Dardania). Consultant, author, guide, interpreter of foreign and Albanian mass media in this war. (1998-1999) Has made television documentaries: “Hope Again”, SHIJAK TV (1999); “Adriatic Corridor – Alps”, Trans-Balkan Corridor, ANT (2002) “A different year”, ANT (2006) “Albanian Image” at the ICC “Pjetër Arbnori”, Tirana. VAT (2007) “Kosovo War”, Albania-Kosovo (2008). “Albanian Image” in Tetovo “, ANT (2008)” Albanian Image “in Gjakova, ANT (2010) He is a member of the Albanian Journalists’ Association (1993) and a member of the International Association of Journalists in Brussels, Belgium (1994) Since , 2012 is also a Lawyer. He is the Chairman of the “Image & Media” Forum, since its establishment in 2006 and onwards. In 2003, he was awarded the title of “Ambassador for Peace” in Jerusalem, Israel. He is the co-founder of FPU in all Albanian territories and from 2015 onwards he was elected Vice-President of the Universal Peace Federation for Albania. Co-Founder & Co-organizer of the First Assembly of International Studies “Our Roots”, as well as Co-Founder of the Alternative Scientific Academy “Our Roots” and at the same time Member of the Board. (Tirana, 2019) Part of the “Encyclopedic Lexicon” of the Albanian-American Academy of Sciences and Arts based in the US and branches in Tirana, Skopje, Pristina (April, 2020).